The Lykovs Of The Russian Taiga


I think the first time I read about the Lykovs was in a article titled “6 Isolated Groups Who Had No Idea That Civilization Existed” about a year go while randomly “Stumbling Upon” on a boring day at work.

It was the story of this Russian family of  6 that  had lived away from any form of civilization in the unimaginably cold and harsh Russian taiga in Siberia for wait-for-it 42 FRIGGIN YEARS!!!. I was immediately fascinated and started reading up more about them.

They were a family of “Old Believers“. The Old Believers are a breakaway faction who separated from the Russian Orthodox Church in 1666 as they were against the reforms introduced by the then Patriarch of the Church, Patriarch Nikon. Since then, they were constant victims of persecution and revocation of civil rights right uptil 1971.

The Old Believers fled…

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