“Snowden Light” In Russia, Blogger Discloses Satellite Developments, Planned Launches

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“Snowden light”In Russia

Russia: Blogger Discusses Russian Military Satellite Developments, Planned Launches

Moscow Odnako Online in Russian 18 Jun 13

[Posting by Aleksandr Gorbenko: “The Russian Military Space Program of Tomorrow: What will This Be?”, (URL: http://www.odnako.org/magazine/new)%5D

In recent times it has become fashionable to speak of the Russian space program in the past tense, recalling the glory and successes of the past and paying attention only to the failures of the current day. Nonetheless, the Russian space program is extremely ambitious and, as it was during the period of the beginning of the mastery of space, it is primarily associated with military needs. It is developing and it has made its first successes. These successes are perhaps not as conspicuous as flights to other planets, but they have enormous significance for the future of our country. It is precisely for this reason that attempts to suppress present day…

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