Nine unexpected things about Russia

Anything Squirrel Squirrel

  1. Not being able to check into our hotel because we didn’t have the right paperwork. This was very disturbing but the nice hotel people sorted it out. Apparently you need a stamped and signed itinerary from your tour operator with the name of your hotel on it. I know you are technically suppose to be ‘supervised’ by a tour operator at all times but NO ONE on any of the reviews or sites I visited mentioned needing this documentation.They just talk about how this rule is not really enforced in St Petersburg.
  2. Underestimating how big the city is, it seriously took ages to get any where.
  3. Seeing fast food chains with their name in Cyrillic. The most popular was Subway. For some reason I did not expect to see so many American chains in Russia.

  1. The beautiful and grand interiors in most of the buildings. We went into a chocolate…

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