Kiev- USSR in XXI century…

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Kyiv’s notoriety as the birthplace of Slavic culture is reflected in its’ architecture, language, and traditions of city inhabitants. Ukraine used to be a part of the USSR and of course this period of Ukrainian history was too long to leave no marks. During 15 years of Ukraine’s independent many of soviet era symbols have gone, but some of them still continue to adorn buildings and even surviving statue of Lenin still stands on Besarabs’ka Square. So if you don’t want to miss such exotic sights and venues keep reading this chapter to find out where they are located. History

What to see
Khreschatyk The city’s grandest thoroughfare of slightly intimidating Stalinist architecture of uninterrupted facades reminding a stone carved canyon wall. Many of the original buildings in the city were destroyed in WWII and this street was rebuilt in characteristic soviet style. Khreschatyk is closed to automotive traffic on weekends.

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