The Moscow Metro.

The Eagle and The Bear

When I first found out that I’d be moving to Moscow, I was intimidated not by the idea of living in a foreign city but of living in a big city – one that is almost always compared to New York. Despite growing up just outside NYC, I could never tolerate the place except for a brief visit – it was too big, too busy, too dirty, too claustrophobic. Whereas others might interpret it as “vibrant” or “energetic,” for me it’s always been exhausting and overwhelming. When it comes to places I want to live, my buzz words are “quaint,” “charming,” and “historical”. So you can imagine why I had (have?) my doubts about the megalopolis of Moscow.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the green spaces and attractive architecture I’ve seen so far. This city does not feel as closed in as New York and I was feeling some relief…

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