The four versions of the skull of John Chrysostom

News that matters

Claimed skulls of  St. John Chrysostom is located in the Cathedral in Florence, in a Roman Catholic shrine in Pisa, in Moscow and on Mount Athos in Greece.

John Chrysostom (347–407.AD) was Archbishop of Constantinople, and considered an important Early Church Father.

He is recognized by the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church as a saint and as a Doctor of the Church.

It is worth noticing that the Roman Catholic Church has admitted that they stole the remains of the Byzantine priest, and took it to Rome. The present Pope returned the stolen bones, explained by wikipedia.

 Most of John’s relics were looted from Constantinople by Crusaders in 1204 and taken to Rome, but some of his bones were returned to the Orthodox on 27 November 2004 by Pope John Paul II.

Neither theft of bones, nor grave looting, seems to be noble acts.

But the battle for…

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