Blatherings…From Micro-Enterprise to Quirky to…a Universe?

The Punchy Lands!

I came across an interesting word recently: micro-enterprise. The definition: a small business drawing on hidden interests and quirky talents tohelp make ends meet.

The professor found that rather interesting–especially the word quirky. Quirky made me think of the Punchy Lands, which is not my fault. You see, a good friend of mine told me that the Punchy Lands is quirky and offbeat. Hence, the connection. And, yes, we’re still friends. Quirky and offbeat just might be a nice genre. Who knows?

So my mind was on the Punchy Lands. Then I asked myself the following question, “Why is the Punchy Lands a land and not a world or universe?” Of course, this was troubling at first. But then the answer dawned on me. I did not create the Punchy Lands, it is quite real! Everything can be explained away to insanity, you see.

Lastly, I…

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